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This city is not small and is the biggest city in Slovakia after the capital, Nigeria dating site for free. Flight is 2 hours and 30 minutes smooth and cheap ride from London Luton running by WizzAir. I had Girls for fuck in kosice quite good sized one bedroom apartment in the centre. Expenses are ridiculously low here. I joined a gym called Katies Fitness Club. The staffs are friendly and Girls for fuck in kosice good English and the equipment Girls for fuck in kosice decent. They are probably among of the low quality of Eastern European girls.

I compare them with Russian girls and they look the bottom of the list. To be honest, some of them look like someone has been kosicr in factories for years. Most of them are smokers and also have fck teeth. However, they are Gils way better than British girls. Girls in Britain Fyck by far the worst in the whole Europe both by shape and attitude. Most Slovakian girls are slim and grow long hair. So my overall review is not bad at all. Slovakian girls are lighter than Romanians and darker than Girks girls. Fir would say they are the median between these two categories. Their average height is around 5. Mostly brunette, but you still can find some blonde if you look around.

The younger generation which is basically my target market speak good level of English. However, they are culturally conservative and you should be careful in running any sort of GGirls game. But if you dress smart and treat them with respect, you will have high chance. The men are not good at all. I would say they are terrible. Although Gifls of them are well built, their code of dressing is by definition a disaster. Most of them are in hoodies, leather or bomber jacket. I had a simple black blazer and was turning head in the shopping mall, called Aupark, I was walking in. There are plenty of bars and pubs in Kosice.

You can find from low end bars where old men watch rubbish news on TV to decent high end places to even try some Cuban cigar and rum. There are also lot students from Middle East and Turkey. That turns most pubs to a sausage fest. Also due to high proportion of Muslim men in the city, there are few Shisha bar places as well. I had mentioned the prices are quite cheap. Night clubs are mainly located around the main church. You rarely can see fat girls. Most girls wear high heels. Men mainly hang out in T-shirt. You rarely can see any shirt and blazer. Men usually go to clubs in a pack of men together. Normally, drink shots and mostly binge drink.

The main approach is an aggressive caveman approach. They just go and grab a girl and start dancing. I was comparing this to what we have here in London and I safely can say even one of these acts could result in arrest and sexual assault charges here. First, smoking is allowed in clubs and coffee shops. And secondly, these people smoke like coal burning locomotives. Plus your clothes are going to stink of smoke for days. However, if you can click with someone who can speak English, you can easily play. You immediately can try the line they fancy a drink. I had one success on this one.

You should just walk in the town centre and main shopping malls and seriously avoid old communist shithole areas which are plenty. You also can stand in front of the main church and ask them to take a photo of you. That one works well too. Drinks are insanely cheap. So I was raining cash on girls. Better quality Slovakian girls find their own men low level. And they prefer to date a foreigner. As there are not many Western men in the city, they go for their existing options. So the market for Hungarian men looks good. I give you 3 quick points: Get a decent size flat in city centre from Airbnb.

Most girls use this app to communicate. Just to mention an incident happened to me. Slovakians are very nationalist. I have a Persian face with beard. I was refused entry to a club because of that. I was in a decent suit with white shirt and nice tie. It was exactly one day after terrorist attack on Brussels airport. I just went to another club that night. The society is very orthodox Christian. They are also very conservative. The society is very homogenous. I was there for eight days and I saw zero black people there. The only oriental person I met was at a high-end hotel in busy Saturday night.

People are mainly Slovakian or other Eastern European countries. People are very nationalist and proud of their country. Kosice is a city worth a visit. Feel free to drop me a message. Also follow me on Twitter Attached File s.

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I just went to another club that night.

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You rarely can cor any shirt and blazer. There are also lot students from Middle East and Turkey. Plus your clothes are going to stink of smoke for days. Get a decent size flat in city centre from Airbnb. Feel free to drop me a message. They are also very conservative.