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It came out within 10min of ordering! Banh Xeo will typically not fill you up if you have a big appetite. Order one Just looking for someone real in hai duong share as an apps for 2. Their Banh Xeo is crunchy, which I haven't found any other places that makes it remotely better. You can taste the coconut, which makes it amazing. The meat is sliced thinly and cooks wonderfully. There were like 7 or 8 shrimps in my Banh Xeo so they definitely don't hold out. The younger guys there are very polite. Just looking for someone real in hai duong comes out pretty fast. I sometimes Just looking for someone real in hai duong their bun bo hue too but this restaurant wouldn't be the "go to place" for it.

The broth is a little on the sweet side. It's spicy, which is how it should be but lacks the other spices that makes bun no hue what it is. The meat is typically well cooked. The spot you go to in Eden if you didn't know what to Just looking for someone real in hai duong. That was the case until I tried their grilled chicken. Their Ga Nuong grilled chicken is in a league of its Just looking for someone real in hai duong. I don't know what they marinate it with, but the taste is 5 star! Their other menu items are 3 star at best. I've tried their pho which was bland. Their banh xeo is crispy, which I like, but it barely has enough meat to fill you up.

I'd say their com tam rice dishes would be my second choice here. I give them a lot of credit though for upholding such a vast menu. Their cooks must go crazy on the busy weekends. Overall, 5 star for the Ga Nuong and 3 star for the other dishes. Really tasty chicken for under 10 bucks! My family has been going here for years, and the food has always been very good. The hen xao xuc banh da baby clams with rice cracker I had last Thursday was one of the best dishes I'd eaten in a long time. The bun cha Ha Noi one of the vermicelli dishes was also really good. I also had the banh xeo, which was good, but I thought the coconut flavor was too strong.

Probably just being too picky because it didn't taste exactly like how my mom made it when I was growing up. Major plus--the bun cha ca vermicelli with fish cake came with mam tom fermented shrimp pastewhich I think most restaurants these days are shying away from because people less familiar with Vietnamese cuisine are put off by the smell. Kudos to Hai Duong for keeping their flavors authentic and not toning down the spices. In short, the food here is the real deal and comes out fast. Not only do they make the most consistent bowl of pho their broth is more on the savory rather than sweet scalebut their banh xeo is off the chain good.

It's crispy with a subtle coconut sweet taste that goes great with the fish sauce accompaniment. To boot, Hai Duong's service is efficient even when it's a busy Sunday lunch hour. The place is kept clean and tables are wiped down. My cousin had to leave so we asked for her com bo luc lac to be out quick. It was a matter of a couple of minutes. Never had the pho, but their other entrees are tasty and like I said, come out fast! Except the com hen which takes a long time to heat up the metal bowl and get the rice crisp. This wait is totally worth it though. The restaurant is very casual and is very brightly-lit. We both ordered our recent obsession - the vermicelli noodle bowls!

I've been obsessed with grilled beef vermicelli bowls recently, so I ordered the Bun Bo Nuong noodle with grilled beef. My only minor complaint is that though the service is efficient, it wasn't the friendliest on the night we visited. We will certainly be back! I've been here twice the last month. They consistently serve you quick, authentic, well seasoned Vietnamese food. I had the Bun Bo Hue here and it was great. Seasoned with enough spice and the veggies for one person were very generous. They did not skimp on any meat and there was a lot of coagulated blood.

A plus anytime you get BBH! My co worker had the grilled pork on rice. He's usually very picky about the way his meat is seasoned and he said the pork was cooked well with enough flavor. We ordered our food and it came out in less than 5 minutes. I was a bit worried if the food was just laying around, but the chef assured us that we ordered the common items and they are easy to prepare. I've been to there sister location Pho Hai Duong in Annandale and I'm also a fan of there service and consistent food. There are many other Vietnamese food options in the area, but if you don't want to over pay and get authentic dishes I'd come here.

It's usually less crowded and you'll be seated rather quickly. You can't go wrong with any of the vermicelli, soup or rice dishes here. Been going here for 5 years and it's a frequent spot for locals Vietnamese families as well. It includes everything from flank, brisket, tripe, meatball and of course all the bean sprouts, limes and basil. As an appetizer, I recommend the summer rolls non friedand the spring rolls fried ones. Get a vietnamese coffee if you like it. It's extremely strong with condensed milk. If you are a coffee lover, you won't regret it. There is plenty of seating, parking is easy in the backand service is quick. I've never had slow service here. You walk up to the register when you are done to pay.

I cannot get enough of it. The Bahn Xeo is amazing with the bits of pork belly and shrimp sprinkled on the crepe like shell. The Pho was also delicious, nothing wrong with a well prepared bowl of that! However, if judging on taste alone, I would give Hai Duong 5 stars. I ordered the ca kho to Vietnamese braised catfish in claypotand it was super delicious. This was my first time ever ordering ca kho at a restaurant after growing up with it, and flavor-wise, I think I might like the restaurant version better than my mom's. The fish was cooked to perfection with no fishy aftertaste.

My only qualm about the dish as a whole is that it was only served with rice, no vegetables. Usually, my mom cooks it with pineapples or tomatoes and scallions. I didn't see any hints of scallion in the pot. As far as wait time, my dish came out a little later than my friends' dishes because it was a special menu item, but the overall wait time was still super quick I went to the bathroom after ordering, and when I came back, my friends' food was already on the table. I definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a quick meal at Eden and don't mind eating meat. Like a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, you can only use card here if you spend up to a certain amount.

After eating 2 days worth of pho, I was looking to mix things up. I've tried pretty much all the restaurants here but never hit up Hai Duong. It ended up being a good choice. The latter was one of the dishes that folks said they were known for so I gave it a shot. The flavor was nice and the ingredients were very fresh. Personally I enjoyed it very much, but really liked the Boc Luc Lac even more. The beef was tender and the sauce accompanying the rice was awesome. I could see myself ordering that dish every day. Too bad we don't have anything in NYC that tastes comparable or is priced similarly as well.

I'd definitely hit this place up again for the food. The service was okay but this place gets crazy busy on the weekends so make sure you get here early not to mention the parking in Eden Center is literally hell on earth after 11am on the weekends. They're always fast with their service. They have a decent size menu which always satisfies my Vietnamese cravings! They have all the staples here It's not the fanciest of places but the tables are always clean. You may get a server that doesn't speak the greatest English but as a Vietnamese person that doesn't speak Vietnamese, I never had any issues with my ordering.

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I've been obsessed with grilled beef vermicelli bowls recently, so I ordered the Bun Bo Nuong noodle with grilled beef. The only time I did get a wrong order was when I ordered in Vietnamese. The bo luc lac was so good.

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If you are a coffee lover, you won't regret it. It's spicy, which is how it should be but lacks the other spices that makes bun no hue what it is. We were one of two groups in the restaurant.