Shaving my wifes vagina

My wife has a huge bush, more hair on her pussy that I have on my head. Our 1st date was in a hot tub with a razor, that lasted until about 6 months Shaving my wifes vagina we were married and she stopped shaving. I hate it, men are visual and I like to see those nice soft lips not a mat of 2" long hair growing 12" wide from thigh to thigh. Besides being neanderthal looking it's disgusting for oral sex, choking on long slimy wet hair is not a turn on. After 10 years of this our sex life is suffering but she refuses to even trim it up.

I just can't enjoy screwing a woman that has a hairier ass than me. Waxing made my skin bleed and was soooo painful. Shaving is tricky and lots of in-grown hairs and constant stubble and the itch would drive you crazy. After my first IPL laser treatment Which Shaving my wifes vagina had very minimal discomfort I was so pleased with the results, only a couple of in-grown hairs no itching, lots of hair fell out. I am Shaving my wifes vagina great results over the next couple of treatmens. I wish I had done it years ago. I am loving it and the boyfriend loves it too.

Buying sexy underwear is great and I will be able to wear a bikini without the dreaded stragglers showing. I am Shaving my wifes vagina the over 45's body is still good and am having so much fun. I had been seeing a man much younger than myself Shaving my wifes vagina he remarked that he would enjoy it if I trimmed my hair down there. Well I went in the bathroom and oops the razor slipped and I ended up bald. He absoulutely loved it and still comes back from time to time to Shaving my wifes vagina if it is still bare. I did have a bit Shaving my wifes vagina trouble in the labia area but your advice has been helpful when you have to do it yourself.

I will never go back to the unshaven look. However to begin with I shaved my pussy and came down with a lot of boils and feeling scratchy Proper age to start dating I'd never gone 'bald' there,and I was tensed about getting perfectly bald and smooth at the same time,so cheers: And please don't forget to get the hairs away from your assholes, ladies. He absolutely loves it and it feels amazing for me too! Disregard the negative comments below - if those people aren't interested they should find something better to do with their lives than read columns and comment.

Thanks for your candidness, much appreciated! U practically described me. I like being shaved pretty much all the time. Whatever my man wants he will get it. And really I would like to feel his tongue on my pussy instead of my hair being tugged on. But I love everything from the clit-hood area downwards to be bald, as it looks hot and makes oral sex much more easy and pleasurable for both. But purely for appearances, I do like to see a nice short- trimmed bush at the top. Absolutely nothing against those who do like it cue-ball style though. I don't do it for my man i just don't like being hairy.

But i like the idea of an electric i always use disposable and the cost adds up after a couple years. I think she did too, although she is a little more reserved. Looking forward to a second session soon, and maybe persuading her to allow me to do some more regular maintenance! Thanks for the article! OMG, The sex was the best I have ever had. He gave me oral that was earth shaking. I came multiple times and actually squirted for the first time. He fucked me like I have never been fucked before and then cleaned me up with more oral. He now has the task of keeping me shaved and clean on a regular basis. He don't know that yet, but I don't think he will mind.

I'm off to buy an electric shaver Thanks Diane, I shave completely and daily and have had issues with irritation and ugly razor bumps. I also can not even get a close enough shave. He licked me on and on and then fucked me twice in the night. Should i just quit shaving. Have been waxing for 15years -since age Wax maybe once a month now or perhaps 5 weeks. Takes about 5 mins each time. Incredible sensation being totally smooth during oral sex. Your comments were very helpful. Unfortunately I made the first miistake when I used Nair. It burns and I was so hopeful that it would work but now I'm walking like I just had a whole weekend of uninterrupted sex. I shaved because my husband asked me too!

Thought I would hate it! The feeling of a smooth pussy is more than enough reason to at least try it. All day your clothes rubbing, the new feeling you get when you're just walking, makes you so horny you want your man all day, and get him all night. He too loves the feeling to his mouth and penis and uses them even more. For the ones thinking of trying this but are just not sure, give it a try, I think you'll be pleased with the results. They make a cream to remove hair that truly works wonderful. Safe to use all over! But a bit pricey! The pubic shavers are the next best thing.

No nicks or razor burns. If you do shave with a razor use the ones that have 3 or more blades with the strips on them, new blade and lots of moisturizing shaving gel! Then put on some witch hazel let it dry and use baby oil to finish. And do it daily to get the skin use to it. Same as a man's face has to get adjusted. Then just let a slight breeze make you want something more!!! I really appreciate your article! I'm going out tomorrow to get one. I always wanted to stay smooth, but it's too easy to overshave and get those red bumps.

Maybe now I can avoid them. Do you have any advice on that? After the first day I always break out pretty bad for 2 days. Waxing is way smoother and lasts longer. I have had it done once. But shaving in the shower is easier and my husband just loves it. He gets all excited and cant wait when i hint at a freshly shaven mound. I keep the bikini line shaved daily. D I have been shaving for about a year now. I hope it works: D And plus my boyfriend wants me to have a soft pussy for the first time we do something we've talked about it a lot lol Thanks!

My wife likes me bald too. Also it is more hygenic. I just finished my last laser treatment that has made my entire pussy very very smooth. In fact, it is smooth as any part of my body. My husband loves it. I shave every other day. I've tried going the waxing route and that's easy to find, but how did you locate a place that would laser intimate area's? I'm assuming it hurts less than waxing I had too much showing to wear a bikini and I used to pluck it out because my mom always told me that shaving would make it worse. We are asian and we have almost no unwanted body hair.

My doctor suggested that I try it when she saw an ingrown hair near my bikini line. I had to make sure I didn't have a tan. Doctor said I was lucky because my naturally light skin color helps too. Most asians are dark-skinned. Once I started, I kept going because it felt clean. Now it's all gone.

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Boyfriend helps shave her pussy and ass

Besides being neanderthal looking it's disgusting for oral sex, choking on long slimy wet hair is not a turn on. He vaginaa loved it and still comes back from time to time to see if it is still bare. No nicks or razor burns. Buying sexy underwear is great and I will be able to wear a bikini without the dreaded stragglers showing. I like being shaved pretty much all the time.