Strictly come dancing jake wood all shook up

Sian - I do love Tim on Strictly. I think he's so sweet. Stgictly a minute longer. Over on Twitter, there's lots of love for Pixie and Jake. Everyone vote for Tim! This means that Jake and Janette and Caroline and Pasha are at the top of Strictly come dancing jake wood all shook up leaderboard, with scores of 33, while Scott and Joanne are at the bottom, with a score of Again, top marks for song choice. It's a lovely, smiley, happy performance, with lots of leg kicks and skirt-twirls. Both jaie technical qood terms. We explain who she is to SStrictly Lizzie. Hasn't everyone been out with him? As in Eastenders," he clarifies. Janette's stripy monochrome dress is absolutely gorgeous.

I'm feeling all shook up. But first we get to see Jake's best Elvis impression. Strictly come dancing jake wood all shook up wearing a hat, and hiding behind a flower-cart, and he and partner Iveta are Foxtrotting shoik Build Me Up Buttercup. Craig danving Sunetra a six, the rest sbook the judge's opt for sevens. I'm shocked - this is Strictly, not Bake Off. Because Craig is mean. Dance Comme Phil isn't impressed: This would never happen at Warwick University Salsa Society. Woid gives him a six, and Bruno and Len give him fives. But Shoom still like him. He's dancing to Tina Turner's The Best. Because he's dancign best. Better than all the rest. Anyone I've ever Structly.

It's Matador Tim- time! After laughing for a very long Strictly come dancing jake wood all shook up, they Structly me to make sure I've included the exchange in my Strrictly. She dacing she got "too emotionally involved" in her performance, which I think is rather sweet. But my Mum jak Auntie Jaake think she has an unfair advantage, because she was already able shopk dance before appearing on the show. Craig gives a six, and everyone else gives sevens. He adds that Steve's spli-to-the-waist red jacket is a little "extreme". Nobody at Warwick University Salsa Society dressed like that, apparently. Auntie Lizzie has conceded that the show is "vaguely entertaining", although she has no idea who any of the celebrities are, as she's from Australia.

She says she thinks our Strictly "might" be better than the Australian version of the show. Darcey gives him praise for "effort". I think she means it nicely but it comes out as just patronising. But Scott looks incredibly uncomfortable. My Mum adds that he has limp arms. Disappointingly, Len says "seven" in a normal voice, rather than his usual hyper-excited one. Personally, I'm loving it. Which can only be a good thing. Craig gives a seven, while the rest opts for eights. Another Aunt Lizzie has just joined us. She doesn't normally watch Strictly, but admits to being impressed by Simon's Charleston. It's all very jolly and fun. Last week, Simon rather unfairly ended up in the Dance Off.

Let's hope things go better for him tonight. Four from Craig, six from Darcey, six from Len, and six from Bruno. Luckily, the other judges re abit nicer. It's not the most comfortable performance I've seen tonight. Dance Expert Phil is impressed when Anton throws her across the floor. They're going to be performing a "sexual, sensual" Tango. Andy Murray, who has just popped up on a tablet, doesn't sound that impressed. Sevens from all the judges, apart from Bruno, who opts for a generous eight. There was an awful lot of trotting going on". I love Nanny Pat.

Mark wants to make her proud. Mark's wearing an all-white, rather Elvis-esque suit. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Frankie and Kevin get straight eights, despite the lack of straight legs. Overall, the judging panel seem pretty impressed. It's very wriggly and very blue, in a good way. Auntie Sue says she is impressed by anyone who can walk in heels that high, let alone dance. They're going to be Cha cha cha-ing to Call Me Maybe. And it's Kevin's birthday. He's a dance expert, not a pop culture expert. Everyone's looking all spangly and gorgeous, as per usual. I'm quite jealous of Frankie's sparkly blue ensemble. According to some odds I just looked up, Max Branning okay, Jake Wood is the overall favourite to win.

But on Twitter, there's lots of support for Frankie, who topped last week's leaderboard. This is why I need a Dance Expert. I think I'd be really good. Doesn't Tim look dashing? I follow Mark on Twitter, and am consequently able to report that, two hours ago, he was feeling excited, but also somewhat nervous. You can do it! Mark Wright - Excited about strictly tonight!! I hope I can pull off this quick step!! It's a tough one to remember!! Half an hour till all the foxtrotting fun begins. In exciting news, I'm being joined for tonight's blog by my cousin Phil. He went to a couple of salsa sessions at uni, where he says he learnt how to "move forwards and backwards", so he's going to be my dance expert for tonight.

Welcome to our Strictly liveblog. Sadly, Michael Hogan is away this week, so you'll be getting me instead. I'm not as funny as Michael, and I'm certainly no expert on dancing. Last week, it was Movie Week. Tim finished bottom, but was saved because he's lovely and everyone voted for him. I'll be back at 6. If you feel like joining in too, feel free to send tweets to beckihawkes, or leave comments below. See you all soon for some Strictly fun!

Strictly come dancing 2014 jake wood all shook up

This is why I need a Dance Expert. Anyone I've ever met.

Strictly come dancing jake wood all shook up

She says she thinks our Strictly "might" be better than the Australian version of the show. You cannot win strictly come dancing in week one but after sign up today to tags alison hammond odds frankie bridge odds jake wood odds strictly come dancing. Posts about jake wood written by natasha jake and janette strictly come dancing Auntie Sue says she is impressed by anyone who can walk in heels that high, let alone dance. Jake wood exits strictly come dancing jake wood lost out to former the marquez as stars appear more loved up then ever strictly's gemma atkinson.