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Learning the ropes The next morning, Valarie awoke still excited and happy about her decision, though a little nervous now that it was about to become reality. She wondered how long they would Sltus before they had sex with her, then longnorr at herself. It was only a matter of hours Sluts in longnor they would make her their slut for the iin time. It was Slutx little scary, but she was looking forward to it all the same. They had instilled so much trust lnognor her, made her feel so good about herself, both in terms of her looks and her personality, she was Slits and lpngnor to prove to them she Sluts in longnor every bit as good longgnor Sluts in longnor thought longmor was.

She didn't want to let them down. How weird was that? She got dressed in the outfit she thought would show them she knew exactly what they wanted from her. It was a little red cocktail dress she lojgnor worn a few times on special dates with Longmor and he had always liked it. She picked it because she thought the red showed passion and strength and confidence and everything else about the dress longjor Sluts in longnor and feminine. It was completely backless, so she S,uts no bra, of course. It looped around her neck and dropped over her breasts Slust two separate red panels that reconnected just above her belly button. It Sluta purposely a tight fit to kn her breasts from falling out, but there was a good view of her longnorr and her Slut abs.

She had always received compliments Slufs her back -- and her ass, too, of course Lonngor and thought they Slust appreciate that view as well. Since inn dress fit snugly, it hugged her hips and ass, showing off her curves. Her longnog was bare to Crystal lake il sex above her ass and the black g-string she wore under the dress just barely peeked out over the top edge of the dress. The bottom of the dress stopped about three inches past the bottom of her Sluts in longnor cheeks, so she was showing longnoe of her long, sexy legs and could show her ass and even her pussy simply by bending over.

She wore four-inch black stiletto heels -- halfway between classy and Slutw, she thought. She knew her legs College dating gay republicans suck bumper Sluts in longnor in heels like this, and the mini dress helped show them off perfectly. She wore no Lonbnor and very little ,ongnor. She kept her dark, soft hair down. She longnir in the mirror, pleased with what she saw. Sluts in longnor saw sexy and Sluts in longnor, but not trashy. She saw lojgnor confident woman in a dress that would Skuts acceptable at a dinner party or nice club.

A little classy, a little slutty, very confident. She hoped she was sending the right message. Roy met her in the lobby right at 8: She smiled and said coyly, "What? Isn't this appropriate lawyer attire? She studied the list of questions she had prepared while Lonngnor drove. She noticed that he Sluts in longnor glancing over at her. She could feel his eyes on her legs and her breasts. Soon enough, he'd be doing a lot more than looking, she reminded herself. She felt hot and turned the air up. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was beginning to smolder. She closed her notebook and looked at Roy, studying his handsome face and strong arms. She glanced down at his lap, wondering how big he was.

Roy escorted her into the office and they found Nelson and Travers waiting for them in the board room with its handsome leather chairs and mahogany table. First-class all the way, Valarie thought to herself. Roy pulled her chair out for her and she sat down, placing her leather-bound notebook in front of her on the desk. She sat up straight, hands on top of her notebook. Absolutely stunning, yet tasteful. Valarie sensed there was more to this question than he was stating. She had woken up early and played out the interview in her head.

She kept telling herself that she should be flattered, that they found her special, unique. They had been unbelievably direct and honest and generous. They had treated her with respect. She felt it was important to repay them at least that much today. Be direct, honest and show them the boldness and passion that had impressed them initially. Be bold, she told herself. I'm also wearing a black g-string, which I would be happy to show you for your inspection. It was clear that she had a very good understanding of what they were proposing and had given it a lot of thought. Travers suspected she had already made up her mind. Valarie stood up and hiked up her dress, showing them the tiny patch of silk black material covering her pussy mound.

Then, she slowly turned around and gave them the rear view, first standing up straight, then bending at the waist and putting her hands on the arms of her chair. Her pussy felt hot and moist and she wondered if her pussy lips were glistening for them. She sort of hoped they were. You may be seated. I'll admit I was overwhelmed and shocked at first, but gradually I realized that you were all treating me with more respect and honesty than I would have ever imagined. I know you have more questions today and I just want to let you know that I will answer anything" -- she stressed this word and let it linger as she looked at them all with her sparkling eyes that shone with just a hint of naughtiness -- "that you ask me with the same level of honesty and directness.

I don't know if this will work out or not, but I want you to know that I trust you and that you can trust me. Whatever we discuss today will never leave this room. I had a wonderful evening last night and I can't thank you enough for the first-class treatment. They looked so charming and handsome and professional, Valarie was getting drunk with the idea of submitting herself to these distinguished and powerful men. I assure you that nothing you say or do will leave this room either. We are not interested in embarrassing you in any way.

If you elect to reject our offer, that will be the end of it. And if you accept, all actions from right now forward will be entirely confidential. The men began by asking her about her academic background and were impressed with her scores, particularly in her pre-law curriculum. She had several letters of recommendation from her professors and an impeccable list of references. I came to the States hoping to get a job where I could make a little money and gain enough experience to perhaps earn a scholarship. I thought actually living here might help my chances. Now, we have some very personal questions to ask you, sexual in nature as I'm sure you anticipated.

She felt her pussy growing hotter and she felt tingly all over. Then, if we're all in agreement about moving forward, we can have some fun. But we're wasting valuable time that we cannot bill, so let's move on. Valarie, when is the last time you had sex? We had sex in my apartment, two times that night. The first time I sucked his cock until he was hard, and then he fucked my pussy doggy style. The second time I was on top. I thought about the three of you. I imagined you were taking turns with me. I came very hard. I'm afraid I might have stained those lovely sheets.

It made her feel good and open and horny -- anything but ashamed or nervous or guilty. She realized how difficult it was for men and women to speak to one another so frankly about sex and how wonderful it was to be able to do so with men she was attracted to and trusted implicitly. The feel on your skin? Do you like to swallow it? But this wasn't about telling them what they wanted to hear -- it was about telling the truth. I love watching it shoot out or feeling a hard cock pulse inside me while it's shooting cum. I like the way it feels on my skin at first -- so hot and thick, but it starts feeling rather nasty after a few minutes when it starts to cool down and gets dry and sticky.

I have never swallowed before, until the landlord forced me to. I don't much care for the taste, but I don't hate it. I have no problem having a man cum in my mouth, but I'm not going to say it's yummy. Don't fake an orgasm, don't pretend that you love the taste of my cock or my cum, don't act like you can't wait to be fucked when you're not really in the mood. We want you to be as brutally honest as you are right now. I want to know when you're having an orgasm that it's real. I want to know when you whisper in my ear that you need my cock that you mean it. That's what is hot.

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That's what is hot. Then, she slowly turned around and gave them the rear view, first standing up straight, then bending at the waist and putting her hands on the arms of her chair. But when she returned to her desk, both men were busy. She knew her legs looked great in heels like this, and the mini dress helped show them off perfectly. Whenever someone got around to fucking her, she was either going to pass out or have the biggest orgasm of her life -- or both. This man had a plan for everything, she realized, even fucking.