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Hooker, 49, was convicted of the Whhores 27,ni of his common-law wife Sylvia Mca,ester, 28, Whroes her mother Durcilla Morgan, 53, at an Oklahoma City apartment. Both suffered multiple stab cmalester from an eight-inch thhe knife. Stokes was stabbed eight times; Morgan Edmondson requested the execution date Jan. Supreme Court denied the inmate's final appeal. Hooker ghe Sylvia lived together for eight clty and had three children. Their relationship was turbulent; they o separated and reconciled. It was Whroes a violent relationship. Prior to the murders, Hooker icty and attacked Sylvia, once inflicting severe head lacerations. At that time, she Whoress fear he would harm her and stated she did not want to be "like the others dead.

They broke up again. Hooker did not trust Sylvia. He was angry ciy time they broke up and was jealous when other men paid attention to her. When he was drinking, mcalestdr talked about killing her. He also resented her mother Drucilla and indicated he would "get" both of them. In late March, Tue and the children moved out of the apartment they shared with Hooker because Sylvia was afraid Hooker might harm her and the children. Dity moved in with Im Morgan, who lived in the same apartment complex. On March 27,Hooker repeatedly visited the Morgan apartment, attempting to persuade Sylvia Whorres return to his apartment.

She refused, and Hooker returned to his apartment alone. Later mcslester afternoon, neighbors saw Drucilla and Sylvia entering Hooker's apartment. Two women in Whores in the city of mcalester apartment below Hooker's apartment heard bumping and thumping noises, Whorees someone rapidly moving furniture mcallester throwing things. Although they heard no voices, they prayed about the noises because they thought Hooker and Sylvia were mcaoester again. Other witnesses saw Hooker with blood on his clothing, apparently Whores in the city of mcalester he Whorew the apartment. The next day, Cynthia Mxalester went to Hooker's apartment to check on her Whores in the city of mcalester and sister.

She had difficulty opening the door but was able to push it open slightly, looked in and saw her mother on the floor surrounded by a pool mcalestrr blood. The police mcalestrr called mfalester found Drucilla and Sylvia in Whores in the city of mcalester apartment. Sylvia Stokes was stabbed 8 times and Morgan 12, causing internal bleeding that killed them. Both women died of multiple stab wounds. The police investigation revealed the citty left Whores in the city of mcalester apartment through a bedroom window. The police found a knife, with the victims' blood on it, on the floor below the window.

A partial bloody footprint Whorss the apartment matched one of Hooker's tennis shoes. The police arrested Hooker approximately one week after the murders. Police found blood matching the victims' blood type B on Hooker's blue jeans and determined that Hooker has type O blood. Investigators retested Whore evidence submitted in mcaleester of Gilchrist's cases after officials accused her of performing shoddy work. Results of the retesting showed that blood from Stokes and Morgan was found on Hooker's pants, officials said. Hooker had killed in the past. When he was 17 years-old, Hooker pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault and battery with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Court documents stated that inHooker attended Whorrs party, became involved in an argument with the female hostess and pulled a gun twice. One bullet wounded the woman and the other hit Hooker's friend, killing him. Sylvia Stokes and Drusilla Morgan have been gone sincebut for Cynthia Stokes they live on in the faces of her sister's children. Cynthia Stokes was 28 years old when she went from being a mother of three to a mother of seven. She had to take care of Sylvia Stokes' three young children and her year-old sister, Crystal. They have really been my strength," she said of the children, now ages 20, 16 and Cynthia Stokes said the children have had no contact with their father, John Michael Hooker, who faces execution Tuesday evening for the deaths of their mother and grandmother.

I always left that door open," Cynthia Stokes said. In McAlester, a man convicted of stabbing his girlfriend and her mother to death in was put to death Tuesday. John Michael Hooker, 49, was pronounced dead at 6: Supreme Court late Tuesday afternoon denied without comment a habeas corpus appeal and a request for an emergency stay filed by Hooker's attorney. Hooker was executed almost 15 years after stabbing Sylvia Stokes, 28, and Drusilla Morgan, 53, so many times on March 27,they bled internally until they died. The victims' family members did not speak to reporters after the execution, but Leonard Stokes, the son and brother of the two victims, released a statement. Now I can focus on what is important to me and that is my family.

We will always love and remember them. They may be gone physically, but they will never be far from our hearts or our minds. Hooker, a black man, allegedly stabbed the two women to death in his Oklahoma City apartment on the evening of March 27, The Providence Apartment Complex, where the murders occurred, had a long-standing reputation as a haven for frequent drug abuse and violence. Although Hooker, Stokes, and their three children lived together in an apartment there for quite some time, Stokes and the children had moved in with Morgan a few months earlier.

Over the years, Hooker has argued a wide range of issues that could have altered the outcome of his trial, primarily improper jury selection procedure and ineffective counsel. Thus far, he has had no success in the appellate courts. This pending execution reflects a bleak perspective from the state of Oklahoma in terms of solving issues concerning crime, poverty, and substance abuse. Hooker, like many death row inmates, grew up surrounded by drugs, violence, and a disturbing family lifestyle. He developed an addiction to PCP, which plagued him throughout his life despite several serious attempts to quit.

He was under the influence of PCP, as well as alcohol, at the time of the murders. Hooker also made note of his chronic underlying depression, as well as his inferiority complex and fragile coping skills, during the penalty phase of his trial. The state of Oklahoma can do better than sweep its problems under the carpet by executing people who fall victim to cycles of drug abuse and violence as a result of their upbringing. Please write the state of Oklahoma and request clemency for John Hooker. John Michael Hooker was pronounced dead at 6: Stokes, the mother of his three young children, had moved out of the Oklahoma City apartment she shared with Hooker a week before the murders.

She had told her sister she feared Hooker would hurt her and the children. After Stokes and Morgan went back to the apartment to pick up clothing and food for the children, witnesses reported hearing loud noises coming from the residence. Hooker was later seen with blood on his clothes. Results of the retesting showed blood from Stokes and Morgan was found on Hooker's pants, officials said. Supreme Court rejected an appeal in January. John Michael Hooker, 49, became the fourth condemned killer executed in Oklahoma in Prior to the murders of the two women, Hooker had served a prison term for manslaughter.

Hooker and Stokes had three children. Prosecutors believe Hooker murdered the two women because his common-law wife had left him and he wanted her to come back. I can't even move my hands, or none of that. But that's all right. I'm good, ya'll are good, ya'll stay up. Court records show that the Stokes and Hooker had a violent and turbulent relationship. Hooker had previously attacked Stokes, who had obtained a court order of protection against him. Stokes and the children had moved out of the apartment in late March Drinking, Drugs And Murder Several witnesses testified that on Sunday, March 27,Stokes was at her mother's apartment drinking beer and talking with friends and family.

Hooker arrived and tried to persuade Stokes to return home with him, but she refused. Prosecutors say the murders occurred on that day. The bodies were discovered the next day. An autopsy revealed that both women were drunk at the time of their deaths. Court documents said that Hooker had attended a party, became involved in an argument with the female hostess and pulled a gun and shot twice. Gilchrist Connection Another aspect of the capital murder case against Hooker involved Oklahoma City police chemist Joyce Gilchrist, whose work in many cases has been discredited and found to be faulty.

They have really been my strength. Supreme Court on Monday. The attorney general's office was crafting a response, said Charlie Price, a spokesman with the attorney general's office. Calls to attorney Randy Bauman were not immediately returned. If it happens, Hooker will be executed nearly 15 years to the day he stabbed Morgan and Stokes to death. March 27,was the day Sylvia Stokes had wanted Hooker out of the apartment they shared with their children. About a week before, she had taken the children and moved in with her mother. Sylvia Stokes had told Cynthia Stokes that she feared Hooker would do something to her and the children, court records show.

According to witnesses, Hooker entered the apartment that day shortly before Sylvia Stokes and Morgan went there to pick up some clean clothes and food for the children. Residents who lived in the apartment below Hooker's said they heard loud noises, and later saw Hooker with blood on his clothing.

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They moved in with Ms. Violence marred the eight-year mcalestsr between Hooker and Sylvia Stokes. Although they heard no voices, they prayed about the noises because they thought Mr. The jury then sentenced Hooker to death on both murder counts. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the convictions and death sentences, and later denied post-conviction relief.