Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault

For full citations of my sources, see the previous part s. Since I am, at this stage, my only proof-reader, any comments or corrections will be graciously accepted. He was a half-brother Andrew had not yet met until they were both adults. Inaccording to Thomas Cresap: Mr Montour informs me that he had a Brother who was Interpreter between the French and the Indians for a considerable time past, at a Fort called Detroit on Lake Eare [sic Erie], but he Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault now left them and come to the Ohio, and gives the following Accot: The term brother was used fairly loosely to indicate brother-in-law or even cousin.

Conrad Weiser, however, specifically uses the name Lewis: The year appears to be He could have served as an Indian interpreter at Detroit without his name ever being recorded in the official records. For this, her fourth documented act as a godmother, she again declared she did not know how to sign. Delisle who had helped to bury Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault. Isabelle, La femme de Tichenet, must have left the fort some time after the September baptism or within the following year. Isabelle would not be the first or last woman forced into leaving a baby behind.

Two infants were born before November to French-Canadian women arriving inand three more babies entered the world before March of Four more Hurons, in addition to the one cited, one Ottawa, and Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault Iroquois du Sault were also baptized by April. Nor does anything survive to resolve why Father DeLamarche did not identify the parents of the unnamed son. Louis probably died not long after, but Sara, a half-sister of the Oneida war chief Skenadon, retained the surname Montour for a considerable period until she took the name Sally Anise [sic] in Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault after the Revolution. Since the Dictionary of Canadian Biography identifies Sarah or Sally Ainse Hands of the Detroit records as wife of Andrew Montour, as well as because Sivertsen makes other errors of identification, I must withhold judgment at this time.

Your petitioner was brought up on the Susquehanna River, and at seventeen years of age married one Andrew Monture [sic], Interpretor for the Crown, Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault whom she had several children who are now living. Her husband a few years after left her with her relations the Oneidas living on the Mohawk River, and being a little accustomed to civilized way Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault living, your petitioner requested of the said nation to give her the portion of land she was entitled to in order to improve upon it in the manner of white people. I have not yet seen all the sources Hamil cites, and they are extensive for the Detroit and Thames River area.

This was signed by her Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault Nicholas Montour as her agent and attorney. Curiously, she now stated that she was a Shawnee Indian, instead of an Oneida, as formerly. John Martin Mack, who visited her in See Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault 9 Other researchers maintain Isabelle Couc, born incould not have been the mother of Andrew, a man in his Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault in the early s. Isabelle would have been fifty-two in It is not impossible. See Part 6, footnote In a letter of 8 AprilSabrevois, then commandant at Fort Pontchartrain, wrote to Governor Vaudreuil that 8yta8iKigiK had come to the fort with rum in the summer Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-saultCouples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault an invitation from the English Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault trade with them.

It seems he himself did not witness the event. The last documented appearance at the fort of Marguerite Fafard, wife of Turpin, appears to be the 30 October baptism of her cousin Magdeleine, fille de Joseph Montour et de Isabelle Ononthio. One use of a name means little. Jean-Baptiste Fafard dit Maconce the younger himself did not die until at Detroit, buried 21 Decembersaid to be seventy to eighty years old, with a certificate from Jesuit Father Potier that he had received the sacrament of Penance.

Jean-Baptiste Turpin appears to have died not long after So many questions remain. The two Marguerites are cousins and both were married at Fort Pontchartrain in Michel Bisaillon was deceased before See my Part 6 for Michel Bisaillon. I now can confirm that Michel Bisaillon died in the English colonies before 18 Mayas documented by his wife on the day she sold a Panisse Indian slave he had left in her care. I am again digressing because the inter-connections are so striking. To return to the United States Colony children of Isabelle. Andrew Montour had at least two wives, possibly three, one of whom is identified as the granddaughter of Allumapees, a Delaware, and one, innamed Catharine.

Andrew traveled to the Detroit region with William Johnson in the s. For more of his story, see the several published works. It is not generally known that some of these men did not return because they could not pay their debts to the merchants who had financed their trade voyages in the past. Several such pardons were granted over the years. As his uncles were involved in these expeditions, it is possible Michel Germaneau was also, and that he then decided to establish himself in the mother colony of New France and to marry the widow of a man who surely knew his mother. The text identifies the future groom as: Jacques Mainville was definitely known to Cadillac.

See my additional comments about their relationship in my long footnote. As for Michel, he may never have known his father, who had died by See Part 5and I have no evidence he ever lived with his mother nor that he did not. I will mention La Comtesse again. Another half-brother, Philippe Barrois, died in Kaskaskia in Illinois territory in It was not unusual for an older woman to marry a younger man in New France, especially a widow with a young family to support. On the marriage contract, Michel Germaneau acknowledges the inheritance rights of the two Miville children.

On 5 MayJoseph Poupard was an engageur Ouest, a person who hired individuals to travel to the country up river from the mother colony that became Michigan and other places. His father and mother had married 6 April at Boucherville; and, although Joseph had been baptized in in Contrecoeur, the family was in Hill Water, near Orange AlbanyNew York, by the birth of his sister Marie. Isabelle may have been in the Albany area by then. Cadillac reported seeing her brother Louis returning from Albany inand he definitely traveled there in and was on his way there with his wife and sister when he was assassinated in The various alliances are intriguing. These last two may be official witnesses.

The contract was written at the home of Joseph Poupard. Who Jean-Baptiste Poudret is I cannot yet say. Cadillac was accused of trading with the English during this time. If Michel was married in the Church, he had to have been baptized. Michel Germaneau first makes his appearance in the surviving registers of New France with these marriage records, as far as I now know. As I have said, I believe he established himself in the mother colony not long after the amnesty decreed for all coureurs-de-bois or others away without permission, providing they serve in the Fox Wars.

His sister, Marie-Anne Germaneau, appears for the first time the following year. I have no direct evidence Michel and Marie-Anne ever met — nor that they did not — but there is quite a bit of at least circumstantial evidence they did know each other. I believe they are one woman. Family visitations or custodial care are, however, rarely documented. In the fall of she traveled with them and some others to Orange. They were fined livres each. The summary of the proceedings against these people indicates that Marie Anne Germaneau could not be interrogated because she had remained in Nouvelle Angleterre.

Thus I know Marie-Anne and her cousins were in Orange, or Albany, at the same time her mother, Madame Montour, was interpreting for the government of New York, and just two years after her aunt, La St. Those writers who assert that Marie-Anne had no contact with her Canadian cousins do not know this judicial record exists or did not look for it. How many other references are just waiting to be brought to light after so many years in obscurity? The couple had been at Lachine in when a daughter, Marie-Anne, was baptized. I will mention Gilles Le Cours again. I will return to this child subsequently. It seems impossible to determine which Marguerite Roy this godmother is. She did not sign.

He would be paid livres en castors, beaver skins. On 19 Mayit was Jean Chevallier, merchant, who hired him. One of the Chevallier families was based in Michilimackinac, but I am not yet sure who this Jean is. Less than a month later, 5 Junehe and his wife borrowed livres 7 sols from Pierre Courraud La Coste for merchandise. He promised to repay the loan in August of the following year, if he returned then, as he was again? Michel either did not go or obviously returned because on 11 September he served as godfather, as mentioned above.

The unsuccessful expedition was led by Constant Le Marchand de Lignery. Some of those in the original convoy may have returned early. The following year Nicolas Sarrazin once more hired Michel 26 June to go yet again to Michilimackinac. Could this soldier also have been dispatched to Michilimackinac? Jean Montary is documented at the hospital in and in May and June of but not between these dates or thereafter, as I will demonstrate. All I can do now is suggest this as a possible scenario. There may well be others! Madeleine seems to have joined her husband at Michilimackinac after he requested permission for her to do so in I will mention Father Chardon again. According to another Jesuit, Father Marest, there were several Frenchwomen present even then, inat Michilimackinac.

Ignace, Michigan] because this location is more suitable, there is a fort, a commandant and some habitants, even Frenchwomen [;] in during trading season there were about Frenchmen, coureurs de bois.

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Mr Montour informs me that he had Couples escorts in sainte-anne-du-sault Brother who was Interpreter between the French and the Indians for a considerable time past, at a Fort called Detroit on Lake Eare [sic Erie], but he has now left them and come to the Ohio, and gives the following Accot: The term brother was used fairly loosely to indicate brother-in-law or even cousin. The honor raised him to a higher sense of being, a deeper tradition of kakweniatsera, authority, and kanaisera, pride. John Martin Mack, who visited her in I have no direct evidence Michel and Marie-Anne ever met — nor that they did not — but there is quite a bit of at least circumstantial evidence they did know each other.