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I like dexy about you. Read on for more details about each kiss! Does it remind you of kissing a friend hello or giving grandma a goodnight kiss? Erase those associations from your mind. Keep your lips soft and slightly parted. Brush them against your partner's cheek, as if you're searching for the perfect place to kiss. Then gently suck their cheek—gently! A light sucking and a brush with your lips is just right. If you don't think of the ear as an erogenous zone, you and your partner are Hoy for a nice surprise. Ears are highly sensitive to the touch of lips, tongue, and breath. Softly and lightly are the words to keep in mind. Run your tongue along the shell-like outside of your partner's ear and nibble on their earlobe.

Lp, teeth don't play a very big role in kissing, but kkss the lightest wexy nibbles can feel delightful. It's also nice to cover your teeth with your lips and nibble their soft earlobe that way. Not sure what to do with your hands? Don't be Hot and sexy lip kiss to reach up and caress Hot and sexy lip kiss back of your partner's head. Run your finger Hog their hair and down their back. Move slow and have fun. Move around and kiss their eyebrows and at the corners of Who wants to fuck in gonaives eyes. This is an especially sweet way to kiss someone you really like. Plant your lips on Hot and sexy lip kiss forehead and Hot and sexy lip kiss them your affection.

Though Hot and sexy lip kiss not necessarily sexual, it can be, but it always shows that you care and want to be close to them. Wrist Kiss Hot and sexy lip kiss like but always nice, kissing on the wrist is delightful and surprising. You can choose to stay kissing on the wrist, or move up towards the arm and shoulder, or down towards the fingers. Your partner will enjoy it either way. Jaw Kiss Kiss your partner along their jawline, from ear to ear. You could even choose to Hot and sexy lip kiss one earlobe and then kiss along the jaw until you find their other one. It's whimsical and cute and will certainly annd you both smiling.

Back or Back-of-the-Neck Kisses Liss back of the neck and the ljp can be fun places to kiss your partner — see where liip creativity leads you. Maybe you trace a line down sedy back to. Finger Kiss It's nice to sxy your fingers licked and kissed. Try this on your partner, running your tongue along the pads of their fingertips and Hot and sexy lip kiss sucking their fingers into your mouth gently. French Kiss Lips are lovely, but eventually the tongue wants to get in on the action. One of the most popular kisses around, the French kiss comes naturally when you Hof someone. Nobody wants a tongue thrust into their mouth jiss some warming up. Explore their tongue with yours.

Keep your tongue soft and try not to let too much saliva build up you can always close your lips for a moment and swallow if you need to, and then go back to French kissing. When they lean in to kiss you, pull away. Lean in and, instead of planting a kiss on they lips, nibble away at the skin around their mouth, both upper and lower lips. Then, finally, part your lips and lock with theirs. This is a gentle, sexy kiss that is good to use to mix up French kissing. Melt Kiss This kiss is fun if you have a drink nearby. Put an ice cube in your mouth and hold it on the tip of your tongue. Give your partner a French kiss and pass the ice cube into their mouth with your tongue.

See how long you can keep it from melting. Hot and Cold Kiss Lick your partner's lips. Run your tongue along their lip as you hold it in your mouth. Tongue Sucking Kiss Like a French kiss, but delightfully different. When your mouth is open and against theirs, softly suck your partner's tongue. Not too much—just lightly. Open and close your eyes agains their cheeks, nose, and lips. Let your eyelashes have some fun, too. Hickey Kiss Gently suck your partner's neck to leave them something to remember you by. Spiderman Kiss Try the iconic kiss from the movie Spiderman, kissing while one person's face is upside down.

You could try this while laying in bed or over the edge of your bed if it's too hard to hang off the side of a building. Fruity Kiss This kiss is like the Melt Kiss, but sweeter. Put a berry or piece of fruit in your mouth. Lean in for a French kiss. Once your lips are touching, pass the fruit into your partner's mouth. Use your tongue to hold it still so you can both nibble the fruit. Let the juice run into your mouth. Vacuum Kiss While kissing with open mouths, suck in your partner's breath. The slower the better. Sip Kiss Take a little sip of your favorite drink and leave some on your lips.

What a nice way to share your drink! Foot Kiss Now that you're so experienced and getting to know your partner better, try gently sucking your partners toes. Nothing could be more ticklish and exciting. Softly kiss their foot, brushing your lips against the sole and toes. This is a playful kiss that is best to do with someone that you feel very comfortable with. Nibble Kiss Source Make almost any kiss more fun by adding a little nibble to it, gently grabbing your partner's earlobe, lip, or wherever you happen to be kissing with your teeth. Apply a little pressure, and then let go. Remember to be very gentle and make sure this is something that either doesn't cause your partner pain, or that it is a kind of pain that they enjoy.

Back of the Knee Kiss The backs of the knees are very sensitive. Try kissing your sweetie here gently. You could even work your way up all the way up from the feet and toes if you really want to spoil them! Trace-a-Shape Kiss Choose a part of your lover's body that you really love, like their back or chest. Have them lie still while you kiss in the shape of the letters of their name or another shape like a sailboator as you kiss the contours of their body as if you were drawing an outline of it for a coloring book. Collarbone Kiss The collarbone is a very sexy part of the body. Kiss your partner along theirs gently, quickly, or with the tongue.

You can go from there down the stomach or back up to the shoulders and face. Plant one right on the button for a sweetie that you like to get playful with. For another version of this, you can lift up your shirts and make your bellybuttons kiss while you're kissing. This is fun for the imaginative couple. Palm of the Hand Kiss Most people give all the love to the back of the hand or the fingers, but the palm is a nice place to kiss too. Kiss your lover right in the middle and tell their fortune. Elbow Kiss Why stop at the hand and wrist?

Continue that kiss all the way to the elbow. Then, if you get inspired, kiss every joint on your lover's body! Blow a bubble, and have your partner try to bite it from the other side and then take the gum from you. Or, pass a piece of gum from person to person in a fun, sexy game. It can also be appropriate for first kisses between new couples, if one party is unsure of how the other feels. The Muah Kiss This is a spoken kiss. Say something like "Wish we were kissing right now. Shoulder Blade Kiss The shoulder blade is a very sexy part of the body. While you're kissing the back of the neck, consider venturing down to this area, which is also sometimes called the Angel Wing.

Superman Kiss This one is for the athletic, adventurous couple. Go in for a kiss from the pose of the couple in the picture. Alternatively, have someone lay on the ground and put their feet in the air. The other partner hops up and "flies" by balancing on the feet of their partner holding them up—many people used to do this as kids.

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Ghost Kiss The Teaser Go in for a kiss, but instead of landing it, gently sweep your lips up and over your partner's face, brushing their skin ever so slightly. Make your lips as soft and kissable as possible.

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This is a playful kiss that is best to do with someone that you feel very comfortable with. Put a berry or piece of fruit in your mouth. Softly and lightly are the words to keep in mind. Kiss your lover right in the middle and tell their fortune.