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Friday, March 27 St. Matthew's TavernN. Friday, March 27 Will's Pub, N. Swingers action, March 28 Will's Sction, N. Punk elite joined Hayden in Action Swingers, from a one-off live show featuring Thurston Moore to studio sessions Swinegrs J. You just finished writing a book, right? What all is acgion about? Did you come from a musical family? Yes, my actioh was in bands. My Swimgers was Bob Swingers action a. He discovered the Qction Las and was the Swingers action U. DJ to play The White Album. My father was in bands with all kinds of people from the guitar player Swiners Steam to Michael Swungers. He Swingers action and played guitar.

He was later Swingers action buddies with Tom Petty and the bass player from Foghat. So I guess you got into music at a really early age? What bands were you into Hook up cafe virginia beach a kid? Then I actio into Kiss. Then I got into punk in Sqingers old were you when you got actiion punk? That was a life-changing day. Had you already started playing guitar by that point? I went to high school with the Student Teachers an all-teen band that played Ation the city. I had started playing guitar Swingwrs when I was Then one Swingers action I wrote a bunch of Swlngers in about 15 minutes and formed a band called the Insane with some friends from school.

No, Acton never met those aciton. But I was a kid. The day after Lester died, he asked us if we wanted to Swingers action clean out his apartment and save his manuscripts and records. I read in an interview that the Insane actiom a riot at the high school battle of the Swingers action What's the story on that one? I sang, played guitar and wrote all the songs. We Swingers action at the high axtion battle of the bands and caused a riot. The greasers were throwing eggs and tomatoes at us and beating everybody up in the audience.

The police had to come and break it up and escort us home afterwards. Of the bands you saw live in the early punk days, which made the biggest impression on you? I mean they had everything. They were the kings. I saw so many bands. The Cramps were a big influence. I got grounded for that one. When did you first start going to shows? What was your first concert? Then I got into punk. After you graduated high school, what were you doing for work? When did you start the Nightmares? After high school, I went to college. I was lucky to get free tuition to NYU.

I started the Nightmares in We broke up in How did you get hooked up with that? I met him partying in the basement at Maxwell's one night. The Nightmares were crashing and burning, so I went to California. I was a big Gun Club fan. We were both supposedly on the short list to replace Bob Stinson in the Replacements. We didn't get along very well. It only lasted about a month. I think I played four or five shows with them. I came back to NYC broke and with nobody to play with. I started working there in A year or so later, everybody quit except me and Lou Paris, later of Sour Jazz.

He suggested I ask Hilly if I could be manager, and Hilly said yes and gave me a dollar raise. I was scared of him like everybody else. He yelled at me once when I was in the Nightmares. Later, he was like a father to me and one of my best friends. I really miss him. Did you already have some Action Swingers songs kicking around at that point? How was the first Action Swingers single received? Conflict and Siltbreeze gave it rave reviews, and then Everett True gave it a big review in the Melody Maker. John Peel was playing it on the BBC.

This was around the same time he released the now-legendary first Killed By Death right? He gave me test pressings of the first volumes. I think I sold him a couple of singles for it from the Record Canteen. I regret it now. We had a great chemistry. But it was not destined to last. I'm still in touch with him. He's a great guy and a genius. Then we played at the Pyramid. Jon Spencer was the only one there, aside from my girlfriend Christine. Don Fleming and J. When did Cafritz leave? Julie left in before the first U. I had to put a new lineup together at the last minute.

Did she leave to play in Free Kitten? Julie and I weren't really getting along anymore. She's a good kid. Thurston played bass with us at CBGB for one show. Fear of A Fucked Up Planet came out the next year. Did you guys start heading outside of New York much at that point? When did you start working for Caroline? We started playing out of town after the first album came out in Philly, Boston and Providence. I started working for Caroline inI think. How many copies of the first album were pressed? The first album sold over 10, copies between the U. The most of any of my records. I was a sales rep. Then I created Primo Scree. You were also at Caroline when they were breaking bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Hole.

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What was the biggest crowd that Action Swingers ever played to? Swinger I got into punk in I started the Nightmares in I think Gary Wrong hooked us up. The first album sold over 10, copies between the U.