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Who in their right mind would mess with a year old not even developed yet? I guess it just hits a sore point with me because my 15 year old has a DD and she gets made fun of, by flat chested girls all the time. She has grown to hate her body and very self concious about herself. Alittle sympathy and compassion goes a long way. Ali is just fine. Ethan I think they look awful. Hawaii is not their thing. They look really white, like a ghost. Her boobs like rather saggy and her hair is straggly. She needs to take care of herself. I hope their brother is in school.

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She is going the plastic surgery path anyway Jared has pics of LiLo summer partyI do not know if the link will go thru aliana-lohan.

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Ali slips into a different top for some additional shots on the side-street Pichures frame: Share this article Share She smouldered in a light baby pink blouse and tight black leggings as took position on a quiet street in downtown Manhattan.


With her distressed hair and steely look, Ms Lohan looks a perfect picture in front of the camera After a costume biknii, Ali showed off her washboard stomach in a black and white striped crop top, showing off her healthy and toned body. Big sister Lindsay Lohan will enter rehab on Thursday, beginning a day sentence for driving offences Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Ali Lohan is a picture of health with her latest modelling snaps and a far cry from troubled sister Lindsay. Ali looked 30 to me….