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Marcy Read our chat with Randy Harrison! Twenty-three year old Randy plays "Justin," a young harrlson who is in the middle of discovering himself, and who harison also hopelessly smitten with "Brian. Thanks for signing on for our chat with Randy Randy harrison sex. Twenty-three year old Randy Harrison plays "Justin," a young Randy harrison sex who is in the middle of discovering himself, and who is also hopelessly smitten with "Brian. I'm glad to be here. I enjoy the show a lot. My question is --when you first heard of the audition for the show, what was your Rxndy thought? My first thought was that I was glad to have an audition! Randy, how do Randy harrison sex like working with Gale Harold?

Gale is wonderful Randy harrison sex work with. What was the funniest moment for you while making QAF? The funniest moment of making "Queer As Folk" was probably one of our first read-throughs. When we all met one another and first read through the script Rahdy. Are you worried that you'll be in any way 'typecast' after this? What are Randy harrison sex future aspirations as an actor? I think doing any series where you are seen as the same character twenty-two hours in a season can make Randy harrison sex difficult for an actor to be seen as any other character. However, I also think sdx it's an amazing opportunity to be able sfx spend so much time working with good scripts and good directors, Randy harrison sex other talented actors.

I have no idea what I will do in the future. But, I look forward to seeing what kind of opportunities will present themselves, and am prepared to face whatever challenges playing this role will bring up for me as an actor. Hey Randy, How's Life? My life Randy harrison sex changed, in that I've gone from being a broke college student to suddenly being able to support myself. My life has also changed in that I live in Canada, instead of the United States. Hi Randy, I was wondering how hard it is for you to do Randy harrison sex scenes, especially the real erotic scene in Rachel havanna gallery first episode with Harison.

For me, the difficulty of the sex scenes lies primarily in the harroson state of the character Randy harrison sex the time. That first sex Rnady was definitely the most difficult, because Justin is in a place of utter vulnerability, Randu it was also Randy harrison sex on the third day Randg shooting before I really knew Gale, and before I was very familiar with the crew. Do you have harrisonn fan mail address yet? If you send Randy harrison sex mail to Showtime, hagrison gets to me. What's your favorite episode? My favorite episode so far is Episode 11, which you guys Randy harrison sex seen yet…and it's not just because I'm not in it that often!

Hey Randy -- just wanted to tell ses that Hargison think you play a great character on this show, and I wanted to know how you felt about how graphic the show comes off as being, and what kind of a message you hope to convey with your character? I'm actually kind of proud of the graphic nature of the show, only because it depicts sexuality that has not been shown on television before, and that is generally avoided. I don't try to convey any message by playing Justin. I'm only trying to accurately present the character that is given to me in every script. Randy, do you have any movies in the future planned? Are you writing one?

Randy, when you got to play Justin -- were you nervous since "Brian" is so fine? Are the producers thinking of spinoffs -- IE the lesbian couple with their own show if this goes through a successful season as it seems to be? As far as I know, there is no definite plan for spin offs. I think the producers have their hands full just dealing with the show. Wow, I didn't think you were that old. I'm actually twenty-three myself. How long have you been in show business? I have been acting since I was seven years old, and I've never stopped. And twenty-three isn't that old, is it? Randy, how does this role compare in difficulty to others that you have had?

This is the first time I have ever been on television, and the largest challenge to me was switching mediums, and learning to act for a camera, and performing at the speed in which television is shot. Would you ever return to live theatre, or stay with TV? Oh, I never want to stop doing live theater. How will your character deal with rejection from his father? I am from Pittsburgh and find it hard to believe this series takes place there -- how much actual footage actually takes place in Pittsburgh on Liberty Avenue? The producers chose Pittsburgh because they wanted a sort of general, middle American town.

I don't think their aim was ever to accurately recreate the Pittsburgh gay community. I want to thank you for portraying your character so well. I think many young guys like myself can relate to "Justin" and it helps to see how someone in our situation deals. You're awesome and gorgeous! Thank you so much! I have never missed an episode, and I have to say I think that you are doing an excellent job. Who is your favorite cast member and why? I don't think I have a favorite cast member. We are all close in very different ways, we are like a big family here, and I love everyone.

How much of Justin's character development comes from the director and writers, and how much is your input? Well, the scripts come from the writers. Generally, it depends on the director. There are some directors that we have had, that I pretty much do everything on my own, and they work mostly with the cameras, and other directors work intimately with the actors. All in all, I don't think any of Justin could be created without all the writers and the producers and the directors. The show -- and every aspect of the show -- is very much a collaborative effort. Great show, and great work on your part portraying Justin. Either way, what are your thoughts?

The thing about male nudity and "Queer As Folk" is that practically the entire time the characters are naked, they are in sexual situations. Therefore, it would be impossible to use full frontal nudity, because it would be erections, which would be pornography. You will see penis if you watch the show enough. I'm not promising mine. My comment for Randy is that first of all I really appreciate his bringing of Justin to life. I'm going through a lot of what he is with my family and "coming out. I'm so glad that watching Justin has affected you emotionally. It affects me emotionally to play Justin, and it makes me happy to know I am sharing something with other people in that way.

Hey Randy -- how does it make you feel to have the knowledge that your excellent portrayal of Justin is an inspiration for other teens like myself to stay true to themselves? You truly are someone to look up to. It is overwhelming to hear things like that. In some ways, though, Justin is an inspiration for me as well. I think he is much stronger in a lot of ways than I could ever have been when I was his age, and I admire him for that. Randy -- Do you foresee Justin living with Brian until he graduates or are they even looking that far ahead in the storyline? You know, we've already played that out as far as shooting, and I don't want to give anything away. Does Hal Sparks keep the set laughing all the time?

Are you going to be on any talk shows or are there any interviews available for the public to see? Yeah, there are a lot of magazine interviews. I can't even keep track of all of them. And there is this. I'm not planning to be on any talk shows anytime soon. Your outfits are really neat do you get to pick out your wardrobe? Do you get to keep it? I don't pick out my wardrobe. I don't keep it. But, occasionally, I will steal something for the weekend! What do you think is the biggest lesson that your character has to learn about being an adult or being a gay man?

Justin is learning so much. I can't particularly choose which lesson is the most significant, but he is learning about standing up for himself, he is learning about the reality of injustice, he is learning about love, and relationships, and he's constantly shattering his myths about society and sexuality and family and romance. It's amazing playing Justin, because I started playing a very naive and innocent 17 year old, and it seems that every episode, Justin experiences something, or observes something, that makes him grow so significantly.

Is there a traditional or classic role that you would like to play in the future?

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It affects me emotionally to play Justin, and it makes me happy to know I am sharing something with other people in that way. I feel like Justin is all the time accomplishing things that I'm proud of him for accomplishing.

Who plays Daphne and Randu old is she? The producers chose Pittsburgh because they wanted a sort of general, middle American town. My agent submitted me.